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Kokeshi Doll New Arrivals
Maneki Neko for Sale
Collectible Gifts
Stone Sculpture New Arrivals
California Surf Board Acrylic Key Chain
California State Map Metal Key Chain
California State Magnet - Map of the Golden State
Chicago Souvenir Musical Snow Globe, 5.5"H
Florida Map - Refrigerator Magnet
Hawaiian Sweet Leilani Dashboard Hula Doll, 7"H
Hawaiian Souvenir - Musical Snow Globe of Waikiki Beach, 5.5"H
4-1/2"H Statue of Liberty 3D Model - Table Clock
New York Taxi, Porcelain Trinket Box, 4"W
San Francisco - Musical Snow Globe, 5.5"H
Golden Gate Bridge Magnet - Metal
San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Key Chain
USA Souvenir - Refrigerator Magnet
African Sculpture - Dancing Couple, 8"H Shona Stone
was: $80.00
now: $70.00
Walking Panda Trinket Box, 5"H
was: $22.00
now: $15.00
Cats in Waiting - PVC Kitchen Apron
was: $22.00
now: $16.00
Start with a Smile, Bobble Figurine
Garfield Heart Photo Frame
Goddess Matt, 24"x12" Papyrus Painting
Eiffel Tower Keychain, Silver Color
was: $1.50
now: $0.90
Eiffel Tower Keychain, Antique Bronze
was: $1.50
now: $1.00
6" Eiffel Tower Miniature Replica, Antique Gold
was: $10.00
now: $7.50
5" Eiffel Tower Miniature in Gold w/ Clear Austrian Crystal
12" Wire Eiffel Tower, Black
32" Eiffel Tower Miniature Replica, Black Large Candle Holder
U.S. Civil War Cannon, Length 12"
Neuschwanstein Castle Snow Globe, 3.5"H
Diamantslyper / Diamond Cutter, Dutch Delft Tile 6"
Taj Mahal 3D Model - Table Clock
was: $19.00
now: $13.00
Nativity with Stable Scene - Porcelain Trinket Box
Italy Souvenir - Map of Italy Fridge Magnet - Rubber
Pagoda Theme, Original Style on Black - 6" Chokin Plate
Peacock Theme, Ivory 8" Chokin Vase
Butterfly Theme, Red on Black 6" Chokin Plate

USA Souvenirs & Gifts

The United States of America, also known as The U.S., United States, USA, and America, is a nation made of 50 states. In addition to these 50 states, America also owns many territories in between the Caribbean and the Pacific. The American flag symbolizes each of the 50 states through a white star. The thirteen alternating white and red stripes of the flag represent the colonies that rebelled against the British monarchy. The American flag is one of the most recognized symbols across the globe.
USA Souvenir Fridge Magnets

USA Flag Magnet
USA Country Map Magnet
USA Dollar Magnet
price: $2.60
sale: $2.00
 Work Hard  Fridge Magnet, 2-1/4 L
Sold Out
Coke Disc Embossed Tin Magnet
USA Patriotic Keychains & Pins

USA Flag Key Chain
USA Souvenir Keychain - USA Heart in Wood
price: $3.60
sale: $2.60
USA Flag Lapel Pin
price: $3.50
sale: $1.80
USA Flag & Cultural Trinket Boxes

Liberty Bell Trinket Box
Cardinal Bird- Trinket Box
Graduation Gift - Porcelain Trinket Box
Sold Out

Floral Heart Trinket Box
Enamel Collectibles

American Historical Collectibles

Miniature Civil War Cannon, Length: 7
Sold Out
U.S. Civil War Cannon, Length 12
Sold Out
Wild West Cow Boy & Rodeo Themed Historical Miniatures & Trinket Boxes

Star Spur Cowboy Boot Figurine - Red, 4.5 H
price: $18.00
sale: $10.00
Star Spur Cowboy Boot Figurine - Green, 4.5 H
price: $18.00
sale: $10.00
Wild West Horse Figurine
USA Tableware

Route 66 Salt and Pepper Shaker
Other USA Souvenirs

Constitution Scroll
US Civil War Shot Glass
USA Stars and Stripes Oven Mitt
USA Stars and Stripes Tea Towel
price: $9.00
sale: $7.00
Cotton Apron - USA Stars and Stripes
Sold Out
American Flags & Signs - Porcelain on Steel

 Kitchen  Porcelain on Steel Sign
 Toilet  Porcelain on Steel Sign
 Strange Dog  Tin Sign, 7 x5
 Crazy Cat  Tin Sign, 7 x5
Sold Out