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California Mini License Plate Acrylic Key Chain
California State Magnet - Map of the Golden State
6"H Sears Tower Model in Pewter
was: $15.00
now: $10.00
3D Laser-Etched Crystal - Las Vegas, Small
LA Souvenir Plate with Mini Snow Globe
Los Angeles - Musical Snow Globe, 5.5"H
Golden Gate Bridge Keychain
Seattle Souvenir, Trinket Box
African Sculpture - Stone Family 6 heads, 12"H Shona Stone
African Sculpture - Stone Family 7 heads, 8"H Shona Stone
African Sculpture - Loving Giraffes, 17"H Shona Stone
Map of China - Refrigerator Magnet
The Great Wall of China Model - Table Clock, 2"H
was: $19.00
now: $13.00
London Telephone Booth Replica Key Chain
Start with a Smile, Bobble Figurine
Goddess Matt, 24"x12" Papyrus Painting
French Metal Magnet - Biscuits Lefevre-Utile
Heidelberg Beer Stein, 9"H
Brass Genie Oil Lamp, 4.25"L
Paper Lantern - Longevity, 16"D
Bento Box, 2-Tray Red Fan 6"
12" Square Black Lacquer Display Tray

Papyrus Paintings, Large

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5000 years ago the ancient Egyptians began to record their ideas, findings and events of their daily lives in manuscript form, on Papyrus. They have become invaluable sources of information on about the ancient Mediterranean world, and an important aid to the study of ancient religions, and classical literature. Our line of hand painted art on genuine papyrus are made and painted in Egypt. Most of the designs are reproduction of arts found in temples and pyramids.
Papyrus Paintings, Medium 12"x 16"

Egyptian Paintings Medium 16"x 12"

King Tut 12 x16 , Papyrus Painting
price: $19.00
sale: $14.00
CLEOPATRA 16 x12 , Papyrus Painting
Sold Out
Goddess 12 x16 , Papyrus Painting
Sold Out
Nefertari 12 x16 , Papyrus Painting
Sold Out

Egyptian Paintings Larger Size

The Eye of Horus 24 x16  Papyrus Painting
Sold Out
God Horus, 24 x12  Papyrus Painting
Sold Out
God Anubis, 24 x12  Papyrus Painting
Sold Out
Goddess Matt, 24 x12  Papyrus Painting
Sold Out
Egyptian Paintings, Ex-Large

Winged Maat Large Papyrus Painting, 16 x36
Sold Out

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