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California State Magnet - Map of the Golden State
Florida - Musical Snow Globe, 5.5"H
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Hollywood Souvenir Photo Album, "Walk of Fame"
San Francisco Chokin Plate in Black, 6"D
USA Dollar Magnet
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Glass Beer Stein - Souvenir of USA, 7-1/4"H
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African Sculpture - Stone Family 7 heads, 8"H Shona Stone
African Sculpture - Loving Giraffes, 17"H Shona Stone
The Great Wall of China Model - Table Clock, 2"H
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12" Wire Eiffel Tower, Black
Bavarian Haus Cuckoo Clock Magnet
Decorated Dutch Wooden Clogs, Children Size 13
Diamantslyper / Diamond Cutter, Dutch Delft Tile 6"
Peacock Theme, Ivory 8" Chokin Vase
Peacock Theme, Original Style - 8" Chokin Plate

Family Sculptures of Three

Family Sculptures
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African sculpture of shona stone is probably the most significant art form to emerge from Southern Africa this century according to Newsweek magazine. Zimbabwe's largest tribe, the Shona, is considered as having among the world's finest stone craftsmen. Thus, we are proud to offer this line of authentic African sculptures from Zimbabwe featuring contemporary abstract sculpture, the sculpture subject of "loving family". Most of the stone carvings presented are steatite or commonly referred to as rapoko stone in Zimbabwe. The colors range from black, gray, green, brown or mixture of colors. Each African sculpture is hand-carved by an artist into the one-of-a-kind piece. We hope you enjoy these African sculpture as much as we do.
Family Statue of 3 Giraffes

Family of 3 Giraffes, Stone Sculpture 12 H
Sold Out
Family Statue of 3 Leopards

Shona Sculptures, Family Statue of 3, 8"H~10"H

Family of 3 Heads, Stone Sculpture 9 H
Sold Out
Family of 3 Heads, Stone Sculpture 9 H
Sold Out
Family of 3 Heads, Stone Sculpture 9 H
Sold Out
Shona Sculptures, Family Statue of 3, 11~12"H

Family of 3 Heads, Stone Sculpture 12 H
Sold Out
Large Family Statue of Three - 15"H or Above

Shona Sculptures - Family Statue of 3 in a Circle

Family of 3 - Inscribed Circle

Family of 3 Faces

Family Sculptures
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