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California Mini License Plate Acrylic Key Chain
LA Souvenir Plate with Mini Snow Globe
USA Flag Magnet
American Flag - Porcelain Trinket Box
African Sculpture - Dancing Couple, 8"H Shona Stone
was: $80.00
now: $70.00
African Sculpture - Stone Family 7 heads, 8"H Shona Stone
The Great Wall of China Model - Table Clock, 2"H
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now: $13.00
Maat and Hator 12"x16" Papyrus Painting
Eiffel Tower Keychain, Antique Bronze
was: $1.50
now: $1.00
Eiffel Tower Miniature Replica, Antique Two-Tone Gold Color Key Chain
Delft Blue Figurine, Kissing Boy & Girl, 2"H
Italy Souvenir - Map of Italy Fridge Magnet - Rubber
Kokeshi Doll, Abundant Blooms 4.4"H
Butterfly Theme, Red on Black 6" Chokin Plate
Wooden Polish Box - Large Jewelry Box, 10.75"L

Seattle Souvenirs - Online Gift Shop

Seattle is the most populated city in the state of Washington. Although it is known for its rainy weather, it is a very picturesque city and full of life. The most popular landmark in the city is the famous Space Needle, which has made the Seattle skyline one to remember. Seattle is home to some of the nation's most successful companies and is known for having one of the most educated populations in the country. It is considered to be one of the world's most livable cities. It's also home to many tech companies.
Seattle Souvenirs - Refrigerator Magnets

Seattle Magnet - City View
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Seattle Skyline Magnet - Night View
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Seattle Souvenirs - Key Chains

Seattle Ferry Key Chain
Space Needle Keychain, Shaped
Seattle Pewter Round Keychain
Seattle Brass Round Keychain
Seattle Souvenirs - Snow Globes & Picture Frames

Seattle City Themed Drinkware

Seattle Mug
Seattle Night Photo Mug
Seattle Souvenir Mug
Seattle Shot Glass
Seattle Miniature Stein 3-1/3 H
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More Ideas of Seattle Gifts

Seattle Themed Wristlet
Seattle Gift, Wood Sign with Raindrop
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sale: $6.50
Seattle Space Needle Figurine

Wire Design Seattle Space Needle Sculpture
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