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California State Seal Acrylic Key ChainCalifornia State Seal Acrylic Key Chain
Las Vegas Souvenir Key Chain, Royal FlushLas Vegas Souvenir Key Chain, Royal Flush
11.75 H - Empire State Building Model, Pewter11.75"H - Empire State Building Model, Pewter
San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf Wheel Fridge Magnet, 3-3/8 DSan Francisco Fisherman's Wharf Wheel Fridge Magnet, 3-3/8"D
USA Souvenir Keychain - USA Heart in WoodUSA Souvenir Keychain - USA Heart in Wood
was: $3.60
now: $2.60
USA Dollar MagnetUSA Dollar Magnet
was: $2.60
now: $2.00
Washington, DC - Musical Snow Globe, 5.5 HWashington, DC - Musical Snow Globe, 5.5"H
Walking Panda Trinket Box, 5 HWalking Panda Trinket Box, 5"H
was: $22.00
now: $15.00
London Telephone Booth Replica Key ChainLondon Telephone Booth Replica Key Chain
London Telephone Booth Replica, 6 HLondon Telephone Booth Replica, 6"H
was: $15.00
now: $13.00
Die-Cast London Bus Replica, 6.5 LDie-Cast London Bus Replica, 6.5"L
12  Wire Eiffel Tower, Black12" Wire Eiffel Tower, Black
Bento Box, 2-Tray Red Fan 6 Bento Box, 2-Tray Red Fan 6"

Japanese Tea Cups & Mugs

Perfect gifts & souvenirs from Japan - Teaware from the modern to the traditional

Tea drinking has become a tradition in Japan over the years, and Japanese green tea has become known around the world for its amazing benefits to human health. In a Japanese Tea Ceremony, also known as "chanoyu", powdered green tea is ceremonially prepared and served to others. Whether you are hosting a "chanoyu" of your own or just enjoying your favorite beverage, these Japanese tea cups will add a unique cultural accent to your home.

Larger Individual Tea Cup with No Handle - 4"H

Simple Black Tea Mug with Gunmetal Look
Sold Out
Tea Cup, Green Bamboo
 Iga Oribe  Tea Cup
 Sashimi  Tea Cup
Sold Out
 Seafood Sashimi  Tea Cup
Sold Out
Darumas Tea Cup, 4
Sold Out
Individual Tea Cup with no Handle- 3~3.75"H

Japanese Tea Cup, Sky Blue
Japanese Tea Cup, Peach
Tea Cup, Green/Yellow
Japanese Tea Mugs with Lids and Handles

Tea Mug w/ Lid - Grandma
Sold Out
Tea Mug w/ Lid - Grandpa
Sold Out
Japanese Tea Cup Set (for tea and juice)

4 Tea Cups/Set 3.25 H, Owl
Sold Out
4 Tea Cups/Set, ASST Rokubei
4 Tea Cups/Set, 3 H, Asst Ribbed/Character
Sold Out
4 Tea Cups/Set, Assorted earth colors
Sold Out
4 Tea Cups/Set, Flower/Bird/Wind/Moon
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