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Hawaiian Sweet Leilani Dashboard Hula Doll - Green Skirt, 7"H
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Seattle City - Musical Snow Globe, 5.5"H
African Sculpture - Stone Family 8 heads, 12"H Shona Stone
7" Eiffel Tower Miniature Replica, Aged Bronze
5" Eiffel Tower Miniature in Gold w/ Clear Austrian Crystal
12" Wire Eiffel Tower, Black
Heidelberg Beer Stein, 9"H

Japanese Headband

Samurai & Ninja
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Hachimaki is a popular style of headband (bandanna) worn in Japanese culture that often symbolizes endurance. A classic example is that Kamikaze pilots in World War II wearing hachimaki during their battles. Athletes wear hachimaki during competitions. Chefs also wear hachimaki in Japanese restaurants. Protesters wear hachimaki to express the certainty of spirits. Sometimes women will wear hachimaki while giving birth.
Japanese Headbands - White Hachimaki

Japanese Headband in White, Nippon (Japan)
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Japanese Headbands - Black Hachimaki

Japanese Headband in Black, Zen
Slightly Wider Headbands

Japanese Headband, Dragon (Black)
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Samurai & Ninja
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